Womens Gloves

Dress gloves may seem outdated like silk ties made in England but they do actually make quite a statement. Long elegant gloves look prefect on evening gowns while short gloves are great for formal events or with eveningwear. However, picking the gloves and wearing them as classily as possible is a little tough.

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Here are a few ground rules you should know and use.

Picking dress gloves

1. Pick the right sized gloves by drawing your hand's outline on a piece of paper. Measure the glove across the palm and make sure you wear a glove that fits comfortably.

2. Choose a glove that extend up to your wrist for semi-formal occasions and a longer glove up to the elbow for formal occasions like weddings or the opera.

3. Vintage gloves are ideal and far trendier than modern styles. However, finding them can be a little difficult. Try thrift stores, salvage yards and other venues to find great styles.

4. Now, there are thousands of different styles available and you can pick from casual, work, luxury, lace, etc for a range of special events. Ideally, choose polyester and spandex for daily wear, fleece for warmth and suede, velvet and silk for eveningwear or formal wear.

5. Buy local or from a local retailer so that you can try out the gloves and check out how they look with your outfit.

6. Compare rates as rates tend to vary considerably from one shop to another.

Wearing dress gloves

1. The longer the glove, the shorter your sleeve should be to make the glove appear normal. As a result, if you are wearing sleeveless dresses, you have to wear a 22' glove. If you are wearing long sleeves, a wrist length glove is fine.

2. You can always wear jewelry on top of your gloves for formal occasions. Gloves are removed for dining and smoking but they can be worn fulltime for any other occasion.

3. Stay away from gloves that draw attention to the heaviest part of your arms. Choose long gloves but make sure that they cover the thickest parts of your arms.

4. Take ideas from films like EMMA and JANE AUSTEN to understand how to wear gloves over period styles.

5. It is now completely acceptable to wear lace gloves for non-formal occasions as well. If you can carry off the style, you are welcome to wear what you want.

6. We personally like breakaway gloves will pulltabs and gloves with zips as they are easier to put on and remove.

7. Contrast colors are ideal especially if you can carry it off. However, matching colors are idea for special occasions.

The bottom line

Stick to classic styles to remain comfortable and avoid anything that seems clunky or outdated. Make sure you care for your gloves especially if they are made of silk, leather or suede. Avoid soaking these materials and make sure that you wrap them in a soft material or newspaper for storage.